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Mastering the Art of 
Forensic Engineering

ARFC boasts a rich history of successful forensic engineering projects, amassing a vast pool of expertise. Our wide-ranging investigations cover structural and mechanical breakdowns, thorough fire scene assessments, precise laboratory evaluations, and more. Our team, composed of specialists in electrical, mechanical, structural, and HVAC engineering, is well-prepared to offer forensic engineering consulting services. Utilizing our profound knowledge and broad experience, we are adept at addressing the distinct challenges presented by our clients.

About Assess Root & Forensics Consultants 

We are a leading Forensic Engineering Firm, blending unparalleled experience with cutting-edge intelligence. 

Our experienced experts have performed consulting services in the investigations of fire, civil/structural, mechanical, electrical failures and many more. Our specialised processes  determine the cause of failures and get to the "Root Cause" with intelligence, objectivity and fairness. 

Our Services

What Do You Wish To Achieve ? 

Seeking a forensic investigator, consultant, or specialist for definitive insights? We provide the expertise you need.

ARFC commands a vast network of global experts, positioning us as the go-to authority for addressing an extensive range of challenges, including disasters, accidents, incidents, and product failures, regardless of their scale, nature, specialty, severity, or geographic location.

Our expansive, worldwide team enables our engineers and consultants to synergize with leading industry figures, ensuring rapid and reliable resolutions for our clients. This global reach also empowers us to pinpoint the precise expert or assemble the ideal team tailored to the unique demands of each situation or case.

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Determining the origins and causes of fires and explosions is essential for legal and safety reasons. Our expert analysis pinpoints the ignition sources and contributing factors, aiding in prevention and litigation.


Drone Inspection

Utilizing drones for inspections enhances safety and accessibility, providing detailed views of hard-to-reach areas. Our aerial surveys offer valuable data for investigations and assessments.


Forensic Litigation

Supporting legal teams with scientific evidence and expert testimony is vital in resolving disputes. Our forensic insights clarify technical aspects, aiding in case preparation and courtroom presentation.


Damage Assessment & Restoration

Specializing in structural damage evaluations, repair cost estimations, disaster analyses, integrity assessments, and restoration planning for safety and functionality restoration.


Metallurgical and Failure Analysis

Our metallurgical and failure analysis services examine microscopic and macroscopic material breakdowns, providing insurers detailed evidence for informed decisions on claims related to defects, wear, and fatigue.


Forensic Accounting & Auditing

Focusing on meticulous examination of financial records to uncover fraud, embezzlement, or discrepancies, our analysis identifies irregularities, supports legal proceedings, and ensures transparency and accountability.


Experience That Speaks of Trust

Our unique combination of global reach and local expertise, augmented by advanced AI technology, enables us to deliver strategic insights and innovative solutions that create lasting value for our clients. We have a proven track record of success in guiding clients through the complexities of Forensic Engineering and related cases.


Global Forensic Experts


Combined Years of Experience


Unique Expertise For Every Case


AI Data Points

Latest Insights 

ARFC Difference

In order to meet today’s complex challenges, we provide services to corporations, insurance companies, law firms, institutes of higher education, owners' associations, and government agencies. At Rimkus, our clients can count on us for timely delivery, clear communications, and scientifically correct answers to complex questions.

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