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Forensic Services

Precision in Investigation, Integrity in Engineering.
ARFC International leverages a global network of experts specialized in forensic investigations, root cause analysis, and accident reconstruction, offering unparalleled support for a wide range of challenges including disasters, accidents, and product failures, irrespective of their complexity or location.

Our expansive team collaborates across borders, combining top-tier expertise in forensics and engineering to ensure accurate, timely resolutions for our clients. This strategic approach enables us to precisely tailor our expert teams to the specific demands of each case, ensuring comprehensive and insightful analysis that underpins every investigation.

Our Practice Areas

Wild Fire _edited.jpg

Fire &

yellow and blue crane tower_edited.jpg

Structural Forensics Engineering

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Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

Material Products & equipment Failures

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Crunching the numbers_edited.jpg

Forensic Accounting
& Auditing


a run down building with a ladder on top

Damage Assessment 
& Restoration

shallow focus photo of white quadcopter_

Drone Inspection &
3D Imaging

This image depicted a Centers for Diseas

Forensic Litigation

Reach out to us to learn more about our diverse offerings and to initiate your consultation. We're here to guide you through our expert services and solutions.

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